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Johnson, Abigail – Carson City, White Pine Counties

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Abigail Johnson

Abby, raised in Connecticut, came to Nevada partly by accident. While working for John Anderson’s presidential campaign she was sent to Northern Nevada in 1980 as a campaign staffer. After Anderson’s defeat, Abby returned to the east coast but by then had fallen in love with Nevada. She accepted a position with Citizen Alert, an organization that works to assure public participation and government accountability on issues that affect Nevada. She was hired to help organize the fight against the MX missile deployment project in Nevada and Utah. Abby’s wide range of professional experiences makes her knowledgeable about many of Nevada’s environmental issues. In 1988 she started her own consulting business and keeps abreast of current issues. Abby is president and coordinator of Great Basin Water Network and has a second house in Baker, NV.

Abby Johnson was interviewed, March 4, 2017, by the Nevada Women’s History Project as part of the The Women of Nevada Highway 50 project. This video was funded by the John Ben Snow Memorial Trust.