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Women in Nevada History:

An Annotated Bibliography, 2nd Edition, 2018

Revised, Corrected, and Expanded Edition. A Digital-Only Document

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In the late 1990s, members of the Nevada Women’s History Project reviewed hundreds of Nevada books looking for information on women. Their research lead to the production of Women in Nevada History, edited by Jean Ford, Betty J. Glass and Martha B. Gould.

Now 20 years later the NWHP presents the 2nd edition of this extremely helpful work. Betty J. Glass is again the researcher and compiler of this annotated bibliography. The 2nd edition contains all the 1st edition with many additional titles. 2nd Edition released on the Internet in August 2020.

Both editions are dedicated to Jean Ford the founer of the Nevada Women’s History Project. We know this will be a valuable resource for your research on Nevada women.

Here is a comparison of the two books.

Women in Nevada HistoryFirst Edition 2000Second Edition 2018
Number of Pages238675
Publication dates covered1881-19981881-2017
Title Entries4261362
Nevada Women’s Name Index Pages66195
Index of Topics Pages30100
Nevada Women’s Organizations Pages1746
Race, Ethnic Identity of Nevada Women Pages27
Genre Index Pages13