Jean Ford
Jean Ford, 1997 (Photo taken by Patrice Bingham)
The Nevada Women’s History Project was founded by former Clark County State Senator Jean Ford to collect and disseminate information about Nevada women to historians and the general public through its website, publications and other public outreach. Upon retiring from political life, Jean became Acting Director of Women Studies at the University of Nevada, Reno in 1991. In the spring of 1992 she designed and taught a new course: “Nevada Women on the Frontier,” which dealt with the study relating to the historical and current aspects of women’s history in Nevada. In the course development she was amazed to find that there was a glaring absence of information specific to Nevada women. READ MORE


JULY 2018 – JUNE 2020

  • Chair: Patti Bernard
  • Past Chair: Mona Reno
  • Vice-Chairman: Kathy Noneman
  • Financial Officer & Treasurer: Jon Hamel
  • Recording Secretary: Marcia Cuccaro
  • Corresponding Secretary: Christianne Hamel
  • Membership: Christianne Hamel
  • Jean Ford Research Center: [Rotating Chair]
  • Oral Histories: Patti Bernard
  • Newsletter: Mona Reno, Christianne Hamel
  • Washoe County School District Liaison: Lisa-Marie Lightfoot
  • Website Content Editor: Marcia Cuccaro
  • Editor, Website Biographies: Janice Hoke
  • Editor, Website First Ladies Biographies: Patti Bernard
  • Facebook Co-Chairs: Marcia Cuccaro, Mona Reno


By Janet White

From the NWHP News, Vol. 1, No. 1, January 1996, page 2.

It began quite simply, a phone call or two, then a few more. Many, many questions, some with no answers. Some suggestions on where the required information might be found. Always more questions than solutions. Who was she? Where was she born and where did she live? When did she come to Nevada? Why did she come here? Who was the first Nevada woman to obtain the license, pass the bar, practice medicine, work her own mine, run her own ranch? The dry creek of information was flash-flooded with questions. READ MORE