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Damele, Arlene – Eureka, Eureka

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Arlene Damele, born in Elko, has lived in rural Nevada all her life. She and her husband ranched in Eureka County, where common amenities such as telephones were nonexistent. If she had an emergency when her husband had their only car, she was to light a pile of old tires, stacked for such a reason, to signal for help. Later they moved to the town of Eureka where she worked for the Eureka County Recorder, and later for First Interstate Bank. She is active in community affairs. Arlene spends much of her retirement time now enjoying watching her grandchildren grow up.

Arlene Damele was interviewed, May 5, 2017, by the Nevada Women’s History Project as part of the The Women of Nevada Highway 50 project. This video was funded by The John Ben Snow Memorial Trust.