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First Ladies Website Report

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NWHP members have been busy adding biographies of former Nevada Governor’s wives to our First Lady Biographies Collection. Since the first of the year, Marcia Cuccaro completed the biography of Una Reilly Dickerson and Janice Hoke added Elizabeth ‘Lizzie” Kinkead and Marianne Williamson Griswold to our ever growing list of completed biographies. Check them out on our website. The biographies provide interesting and little known facts about these women.

Patti Bernard and Christianne and Jon Hamel also presented a program in July for OLLI members during the organization’s summer session. The NWHP video of interviews with First Ladies Bette Sawyer, Jackie Laxalt, Kathy List, Carolyn O’Callaghan, Bonnie Bryan, Sandy Miller and Dema Guinn produced by Women of Diversity, Inc. was shown. A question and answer period completed the presentation.

Patti Bernard
Editor, Nevada First Ladies Biography Website