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First Known Nevada Female Author – 1840-1904

By Patti Bernard   Anna Mariska Shultz Fitch  Photo courtesy the Honolulu Advertiser When one thinks of most women in the mid to late 19th century, mental pictures of a woman in a long  dress whose interests center predominately around home and family generally come to mind. But  remember that this was an era of active women’s suffrage, and women began entering...
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The Nevada Women’s History project is asking for your help to identify these women and locate a photograph of the special V&T passenger car that they traveled in from Reno to Carson City. Is this information in old family scrapbooks? On August 26, 2020 our nation will celebrate the centennial of the passage of the 19th Suffrage Amendment. On February 7th of 1920, a group of women t...
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NWHP Receives “The Bonnie” Award

Nevada JWomen's History Project logo
The Nevada Women’s History Project was one of five Preserve Nevada Honorees to receive for the first time “The Bonnie.” The award banquet was held at the Mizpah Hotel in Tonopah, Nevada on May 10, 2019. Preserve Nevada is a 501c3 non-profit affiliated with the UNLV Foundation. Their website states, “Preserve Nevada is dedicated to the preservation of Nevada’s cultural, historical, and archaeolo...
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A Salute to Sally Zanjani Benjamin Victor, sculptor of the Sarah Winnemucca statue

Sally Zanjani
By Marcia Cuccaro The Hidden Valley Golf Club in Reno hosted the October 7th NWHP luncheon event honoring Sally Springmeyer Zanjani and Sarah Winnemucca sculptor, Benjamin Victor. At the age of 26, Mr. Victor became the youngest artist ever to have a statue in Washington D.C.’s National Statuary Hall Collection. He was chosen to create this statue by a group of dedicated NWHP members chaire...
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“It Can Be Done”

As we look forward to a New Year in the NWHP, it’s fun to remember how far we’ve come as a project and reflect on the amazing opportunities we’ve had to research, discuss, and celebrate Nevada women’s history. Over the past decades, the NWHP has accomplished much in preserving the stories of women who’ve shaped our state. Perhaps one of the greatest NWHP achievements has been the Sarah Winne...
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Weaving History into Nevada’s Future

At the Nevada Women’s History Project we are dedicated to uncovering the amazing stories and rich traditions that early Nevada women left behind. Perhaps these rich traditions are most evident in the beautiful artistry that native Nevada women have cultivated for hundreds, or even thousands of years. In her book, Weavers of Tradition and Beauty, Mary Lee Fulkerson captures detailed description...
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Introducing our Newest Project!

For more than 25 years, the Nevada Women’s History Project has done important work uncovering and preserving the stories of Nevada women and bringing our history to life. Through oral history interviews, online research, informational events and investigative trips around Nevada, our members have gathered a wealth of information to fill in the gaps where women have been omitted from history. Ou...
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About NWHP

The Nevada Women’s History Project was founded by former Clark County State Senator Jean Ford to collect and disseminate information about Nevada women to historians and the general public through its website, publications and other public outreach. Upon retiring from political life, Jean became Acting Director of Women Studies at the University of Nevada, Reno in 1991. In the spring of 1992 she d...
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By Janet White From the NWHP News, Vol. 1, No. 1, January 1996, page 2. It began quite simply, a phone call or two, then a few more. Many, many questions, some with no answers. Some suggestions on where the required information might be found. Always more questions than solutions. Who was she? Where was she born and where did she live? When did she come to Nevada? Why did she come here? Who ...
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In Memory of Sarah Sweetwater

In 2014, NWHP collaborated on a project with Women of Diversity, Inc., a southern Nevada nonprofit women’s organization. They had received a substantial grant to conduct oral histories of approximately 75 Nevada women as part of Nevada’s Sesquicentennial anniversary activities. Since our statewide organization is based in Reno, NWHP volunteered to conduct oral histories in the northern counties. T...
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Mary S. Doten Luncheon

Presenter Lynn Bremer On a beautiful fall day, we met at historic Rancho San Rafael to learn about Reno educator, poet and author, Mary S. Doten. The program was preceded by a delicious luncheon of a variety of homemade soups, salads, antipasti and desserts provided by NWHP members. Lynn BremerLynn Bremer, who recently published a two volume anthology of Mary’s known writings, presented an i...
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New Biographies Posted on NWHP Website

Several new biographies have been added to our website since January 2015, making us closer to achieving our goal, which is to add 22 new biographies by the end of January 2016. Happily a few of our members have volunteered to step up their research and writing to help us reach this number. To date the following historical Nevada women have been posted on our website since the first of the year: ...
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The Genesis of NWHP

The Genesis of NWHP By Janet White (This is a reprint from the NWHP News Vol. 1, No.1, January 1996 page 2) It began quite simply, a phone call or two, then a few more. Many, many questions, some with no answers. Some suggestions on where the required information might be found. Always more questions than solutions. Who was she? Where was she born and where did she live? When did she come t...
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NWHP Receives $10,000 Grant From The John Ben Snow Memorial Trust

The NWHP received a grant titled “The History of Two Women’s Organizations and Interviewing Nevada Women” from the John Ben Snow Memorial Trust. The grant total costs are $24,059 of which NWHP received $10,000 from the John Ben Snow Memorial Trust. The grant request was for $13,969 with a $10,090 match from the NWHP, so the project will need to be scaled down to match the actual funds received. T...
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NWHP Women in Nevada History Second Edition

We need NWHP members, their friends, their book clubs and their civic organizations to visit regional museums throughout the state to see if new publications about Nevada women are available for consideration for the new edition. The same goes for community organizations, including school fund‐raising projects that might have resulted in publications. Visits to local bookstores, churches, and libr...
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First Ladies Website Report

NWHP members have been busy adding biographies of former Nevada Governor’s wives to our First Lady Biographies Collection. Since the first of the year, Marcia Cuccaro completed the biography of Una Reilly Dickerson and Janice Hoke added Elizabeth ‘Lizzie” Kinkead and Marianne Williamson Griswold to our ever growing list of completed biographies. Check them out on our website. The biographies provi...
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Progress Report on Estelle J. Kelsey Website Grant

The NWHP website committee and the NWHP Board of Directors will be meeting with Shannon Hataway, Tangerine Design for Print & Web, at the end of August. Tangerine is a full‐service design and development shop whose owner works closely with her clients to grow a website for specific needs. Tangerine made the NWHP Suffrage Centennial website www.suffrage100nv.org in 2014. Shannon will present t...
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Patty Cafferata Reviews Bremer’s Mary S. Doten Books

November Patty Cafferata reviews Bremer’s Mary S. Doten books in the Summer, 2015 Nevada in the West magazine, pgs. 37‐38. WHERE: Rancho San Rafael Ranch House 1595 N. Sierra, Reno, NV WHEN: Saturday, November 14, 2015 TIME: 11:30 am to 2:30 pm COST: $35.00 (NWHP member discount $5) For further information contact Patti Bernard 826-3612 Registration flyer
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