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New Biographies Posted on NWHP Website

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Several new biographies have been added to our website since January 2015, making us closer to achieving our goal, which is to add 22 new biographies by the end of January 2016. Happily a few of our members have volunteered to step up their research and writing to help us reach this number. To date the following historical Nevada women have been posted on our website since the first of the year:

Una Reilly Dickerson, former Nevada First Lady
Marcia Cuccaro (researcher and writer)
See the September 2014 NWHP News pages 6‐8 for this biography

Luella Kirkbride Drumm, former Nevada Assemblywoman
Bunny Corkill (researcher and writer)

Marianne Williamson Griswold, former Nevada First Lady
Janice Hoke (researcher and writer)

Elizabeth Kinkead, former NevadaFirst Lady
Pa? Bernard (researcher), Janice Hoke (writer)
See the April 2015 NWHP News page 6‐7 for this biography

Olga Constantina Lord Kipanidze, Anesthesiologist
Sally Zanjani (researcher and writer)

Alice Allegra Dove List, Mother of Nevada Governor Robert List
Bonnie List Sutphin (researcher and writer)

Katharine (Kay) Norrid Mergen, Journalist and Educator
Bernard Mergen, Jr. (researcher and writer)
See pages 6‐9 of this issue of NWHP News for this biography

Our next issue of the NWHP News will contain some suggestions on who we would like to include in our biography website. Volunteer writers are welcome to add their own choice of someone who has lived in our state and has contributed to her community.

Kay Sanders,
Editor, Biography Website