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“It Can Be Done”

As we look forward to a New Year in the NWHP, it’s fun to remember how far we’ve come as a project and reflect on the amazing opportunities we’ve had to research, discuss, and celebrate Nevada women’s history. Over the past decades, the NWHP has accomplished much in preserving the stories of women who’ve shaped our state. Perhaps one of the greatest NWHP achievements has been the Sarah Winne...
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Weaving History into Nevada’s Future

At the Nevada Women’s History Project we are dedicated to uncovering the amazing stories and rich traditions that early Nevada women left behind. Perhaps these rich traditions are most evident in the beautiful artistry that native Nevada women have cultivated for hundreds, or even thousands of years. In her book, Weavers of Tradition and Beauty, Mary Lee Fulkerson captures detailed description...
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Introducing our Newest Project!

For more than 25 years, the Nevada Women’s History Project has done important work uncovering and preserving the stories of Nevada women and bringing our history to life. Through oral history interviews, online research, informational events and investigative trips around Nevada, our members have gathered a wealth of information to fill in the gaps where women have been omitted from history. Ou...
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