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Progress Report on Estelle J. Kelsey Website Grant

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The NWHP website committee and the NWHP Board of Directors will be meeting with Shannon Hataway, Tangerine Design for Print & Web, at the end of August. Tangerine is a full‐service design and development shop whose owner works closely with her clients to grow a website for specific needs. Tangerine made the NWHP Suffrage Centennial website www.suffrage100nv.org in 2014.

Shannon will present three layout concepts for the new site. We will keep the existing content and add a media section to include video and oral interviews. In previous years and now with the John Ben Snow Memorial Trust grant for 2015‐16 NWHP will have several media items to add to the new site.

Also an exciting addition will be linking to any and all websites that contain biographical information on Nevada women. There are many local and statewide libraries, museums, archives and newspapers that either have online access to biographical information or have paper biographies, journal articles or clipping files the NWHP can link to. If you have suggestions for those links please send them to Mona Reno, mreno@gbis.com.

The files at the Nevada Historical Society are being indexed to the individual item and added to a database for enhanced access. This database will be added to the new website.

As a work in progress this database will be updated as we add items. Our vision is an alphabetic list of women’s names to a database that indicates if the information is at the NHS, on the media page, at a local library, museum, etc., linked to another webpage or in a book via the 2nd edition of the NWHP Annotated Bibliography.